Our Doctrine Is Archaic!


While many churches and denominations are seeking to update their doctrine to accommodate the modern views of our society and culture, our doctrine remains archaic.

It is the same doctrine professed by Dr. Martin Luther in the Reformation of the 1500s. It is the same doctrine preached by Paul and the other apostles. It is, plain and simple, the teaching of Jesus Christ, who called all to repent of their erring and sinful ways and offered them grace and forgiveness through faith in Him and His atoning sacrifice upon the cross. It is the teaching of Moses and all the Old Testament prophets. Our doctrine is the plain and clear teaching of the Bible which was given by inspiration of God and revealed to mankind over the past 6,000 years. And, so yes, our doctrine is archaic!

We unapologetically proclaim the message God has given to us in His Word over the centuries, nothing more and nothing less. It may be archaic, but it remains the truth even if some consider it outdated.

Rather than change our doctrine to accommodate the modern views of our culture today, we prefer to hear and know the truth given us by God who created us and will be our judge on the last day. We prefer to be confronted with the truth, repent of our sins and look to Christ Jesus and His cross in faith because only in Him is there salvation!